Grill Performance - Savor Bar® Dimension™ [SD300]

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Designed for Weber Spirit E-210, E-220, E-310, E-320 and the S-210.

The Savor Bar® Dimension™ is an innovative grill insert that replaces a single flavor bar or heat shield in your gas grill. Our unique patent pending design adds real hardwood smoke flavor to all of your grilled foods for genuine BBQ taste with the convenience of gas! Constructed of durable stainless steel and built for years of dependable service, all Savor Bars® feature a drop-in, removable smoker box with Ceramic Flavor Briquettes the length of the unit. The Savor Bar® Dimension™ can be positioned over any burner with the smoker box positioned on in the front or rear of your grill for added flexibility and shares a common slot with the nearest flavor bar on three burner models. Designed for grills with burner controls on the front panel. Total unit length is 15 3/8”.

The Savor Bar® Dimension™ is engineered for Weber Spirit E-210, E-220, E-310, E-320 and S-210 gas grills.


Let the flavor begin and order your Savor Bar® Dimension™ today!

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